Investigation about three.js and Web Audio API




  1. Drag the following link (It’s a bookmarklet) to Bookmark area:


  2. Open new tab and open

  3. Select a vehicle.

  4. After the vehicle is displayed on your browser, click the bookmark you added at step 1.

  5. If you noticed a change, drag your MP3 file to the screen. If nothing happened, delete the bookmark and you forget about this page.

  6. Enjoy.

Go Nuts (requires Developer Tools)

  1. Enjoy the 3D page before doing this at first, please.

  2. Open Developer Tools

    F12, Ctrl + Shift + I (Win, Linux)
    Opt + Cmd + I (Mac)

  3. Execute the following at Console tab:

    jQuery.getScript('' +;

  4. Drag MP3 file and see the difference.


The codes were initially picked from Google results and I started coding from there. Therefore, you may see some codes you wrote. If you saw it, I appreciate your effort to let me learn.

I almost have no knowledge of 3D modeling so the code is like “If I code like this, that happens.” which I appreciate if you give me some tips about three.js and Web Audio API.

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