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Brisbane Web Developer

I am a part-time freelance full stack web developer who specializes in building websites with WordPress, Joomla! ®, Drupal 7 and Node.js. I have been in the field for over 15 years, and have been loving every minute of it. I am a developer and problem solver.



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My old web site was out of date and my business was steadily growing. I had started building a Joomla site myself but the project had stalled for some months and in the end I needed a modern professional website up in a hurry. I Googled "Joomla web site developer Brisbane" and emailed several of them to find out pricing and to get an idea of what they were like to deal with.

Hiro Nozu's price was good, I wanted a basic website that I could, overtime change and add content too. We exchanged a number of emails in the first week as I enquired about various aspects of the project. Hiro was very responsive, informative and helpful. My overall impression was Hiro was reputable and a decent fellow. I contracted him to do the job, paid him 50% of the fee up front and he started working on the website that I mean within a couple of hours he had a sample up on his staging site for me to view.

Over the next week working in the evenings at his home, Hiro modified the web site and I was able to comment and request changes via email as required. Hiro answered every point with comments like "I have added", I have amended this" etc. When he couldn't make a requested change he would tell me why. One useful tool was for me to send him images that I had created using photo imaging software of what I wanted and this worked really well.

Hiro completed the job in a week to my great satisfaction and this is what I wrote in my final email to him:

"Thanks for all your help, you did it all in a week and I am impressed. I am also grateful for all the email support this week, especially this weekend. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others and am happy to provide a testimonial for your website should you require it."

Michael Holdaway